Kirk D. Keyes Photography

Kirk's Photo Gear

The following is a listing of the equipment that Kirk typically carries into the field. To see photos and more info on each section, click on the section title.

Linhof Logo from Linhof Präzisions-Kamera-Werke GMBH


Linhof Super Technika IV 4x5 - made the early '60's



75 mm f/4.5 Rodenstock Grandagon-N

90 mm f/6.8 Rodenstock Grandagon-N

125 mm f/5.6 Fujinon-W

150 mm f/5.6 Fujinon-W

240 mm f/9 Schneider G-Claron

355 mm f/9 Schneider G-Claron



Fujichrome Quickloads - I gave up traditional sheet film shortly after Kodak came out with the Readyload film packets back in the early 1990s. I find that the complete absence of dust on the film to be more than worth the extra cost for these films.

The color film I currently most is Fujichrome Provia (RDP III). I find it is the best all-around transparency film available for my type of photography. Occasionally I use Fujichrome Astia 100F (RAP 100F), Velvia 100 (RVP 100), Velvia 100F (RVP 100F), and even tungsten-balanced RTP II.

For black and white work, I used to use Kodak T-Max 100 Readyloads, but in 2005, I switched to Fuji Acros 100 Quickloads.

Fuji Quickload Film Holder - As I switched to all Fuji films with the availability of Fuji Acros 100 in the Quickload format, I finally bought a Quickload holder. A Kodak Readyload Film holder is carried in the car as a backup.


Light Meters:

I used to use a Minolta Flashmeter IV incident meter or a Pentax Spotmeter V for spot readings. In 2004, I upgraded to a Minolta Flashmeter VI. The Flashmeter VI is both an incident and spot meter, and allows the user to even make comparisions between both and incident readings on the same display.


Linhof Multifocus Optical Finder for 4x5:

This is an extremely hand device. It covers lenses from 90 mm to 360 mm, and allows you to preview what the field of view will be for each focal length. I use it both off the camera to determine what the best location for the camera and tripod will be, as well as on the tripod mounted camera to keep track of what may be moving in or out of the frame without removing film as I wait to make the exposure, i.e clouds. It is a great time saving device allowing me to preview what the subject will look like through the camera without having to spend the time to actually set up the camera. This device will save several minutes when setting up a large format camera. 


Tripods by Lester Bogen - currently a 3020 tripod with a 3047 3-way tilt head. 


All filters are made by Tiffen unless otherwise noted.

Split Density - 2 stop

Heliopan Center Filter, 0.45 ND, 67/86 mm (for 75 mm Grandagon-N)

Polarizers, 58 mm and 67 mm

#11 Green, 58 mm and 67 mm

#12 Yellow (minus blue), 67 mm

#23A Light Red, 58 mm

#25 Red, 67 mm

#81B 200K Warming, 58 mm

Tiffen Color Enhancing, 77 mm - I still haven't taken a shot with this filter that I actually liked better than without it, but I bring it along in case I find the right situation for it.

Assorted Tiffen Thread Adaptors

Diopter Set: +1 , +2, +3

Cokin Professional Filter System Holder 

Other Equipment:

Minimag Flashlight

Swiss Army knife

Peak 8x Loupe, with Fujinon 7x Loupe as backup

18" Cable Release

Photoflex LiteDisc - Small, Silver/White

Kodak Lens Tissue and Lens Cleaning Solution

Lens Brush

Lens Wrench

Eagle Explorer GPS

Brunton Compass

Matches - 2 books

Pens - Ball point, Sharpie


Softbound Notebook

Several Ziplok Bags

Toilet Paper

Business Cards