Location: Antelope Canyon, near Page, Arizona

Camera: Linhof Technika IV 4×5

Lens: 90 mm Rodenstock Grandagon-N

Film: Fujichrome Provia / RDP II Quickloads

About the Moment: This image is from our first trip to the slot canyons near Page, AZ. Slot canyons are truly unique places and deserve to be treated with respect. Antelope Canyon is probably America’s, if not the world’s, premiere slot canyon.

Time of Year: Mid-September.

Filters, Effects, Digital Manipulations: Slot canyons are difficult places to photograph. Successful photography in a slot canyon is the sign of a truly competent photographer. There is not much room to place the camera and yourself, the lighting is often extremely dim and contrasty, and usually there is a person who wants to walk through the frame during the several minute exposure required to capture the scene. No filters were used. Exposure time for this image was approximately 10 minutes. No digital manipulations were used to produce this photograph.