I love time-lapse photography. From the first one I saw as a child, I became enamored by them. They compress time. A time-lapse allow us to see beyond the limitation of the human experience. They are magical.

It can take a long time to shoot a nightscape time-lapse. Especially if it is a “Holy Grail” time-lapse, one that traverses from day-to-night or night-to-day. Many hours will go into simply taking the photos needed. Over 1,000 photos were captured for each of the three time-lapses below.

Stonehenge Memorial Night-to-Day Time Lapse, Maryhill Washington, USA
Crater Night-to-Day Lake Holy Grail Time Lapse 2017 06 25
Crater Lake Holy Grail Night-to-Day Time Lapse 2017 06 24

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