I’ve made a PDF of the vintage book “Photographic emulsions; their preparation and coating on glass, celluloid, and paper, experimentally and on the large scale” by E. J. (Edward John) Wall, Boston, American Photographic Pub. Co., 1929.

This book is definitely out of date in many ways – all of the formulas are for “active” gelatin, as that was all that was available at that time. This also means that the process of sulfur sensitization had not been invented, which will be needed if modern gelatin is used instead of vintage-style, active gelatin. Also, Wall has left out some specific info that will probably make it hard to reproduce his formulas. But, despite its faults, it’s an interesting read, from both technological and grammatical viewpoints!

Here’s a link to download a pdf file of this book:

Download (PDF, 12.19MB)