Last month, I traveled with a friend from work to Maryhill, Washington, USA, to shoot some time lapses at a replica of the famous Stonehenge located on the Salisbury Plain in Southwest England. Did a couple setups, trying to focus on different aspects of the structure. This one was inside the outer ring, looking towards the southwest.

A night to day time lapse of details of the Stonehenge Memorial located near the town site of Maryhill, Washington. It is a full-scale replica of the prehistoric Stonehenge monument located on the Salisbury plain in southwest England. Constructed of concrete, it depicts how the original monument was believed to have been arrainged.

Currently a Klickitat County park, it was financed by Samuel Hill and dedicated on July 4th, 1918 to memorialize three fallen solders from Klickitat County. (Memorials for 9 other solders were later added.) It was first memorial built in the United States to commemorate soldiers who had fallen during the Great War (World War I). He chose the Stonehenge theme for this memorial as he was under the common to the time notion that the original Stonehenge was built as a sacrificial site. Hill wanted to leave a reminder of those sacrifices and of the “incredible folly” of that war.

Hill was a lawyer who had made a small fortune by the beginning of the 20th Century. Hill is noted for his philanthropy and left of legacy of highways, memorials, and a museum.

The day-to-night and night-to-day time lapse is the “Holy Grail” of time lapse photography. The planet Jupiter enters the frame at 0:13 and can be seen passing behind the free-standing column and then setting over the wall of the memorial. Several satellites pass through the frame as well.

This was filmed over the night of April 20-21, 2017, using a Sony a6300 mirrorless camera with a Rokinon 16mm f/2.0 ED AS UMC CS Lens for Sony E Mount (APS-C). Over 1100 frames were used to create this 45 second time lapse. Adobe Lightroom and LRTimelapse by Gunther Wegner used to edit and assemble this sequence in 4K video.

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